10/2019 – Most local small businesses lack the ongoing strategic marketing talent needed to reach prospective clients. High quality, integrated, creative marketing is expensive, and the myriad of channels available to deliver your message impossible to manage.

So many companies are willing to take your money to do one piece the puzzle — They dazzel you with exaggerated claims, and then hand you over to junior-level staff who most often deliver disappointing results. These businesses rely on scale and have a short term focus, however the growth of a business requires a long term integrated marketing effort,

In 2017, I transitioned Verve Creative from a design agency to a sole proprietor consultancy. I work exclusively with a handful of Boston and Cape Cod clients ’embedded’ into their company as their independent marketing director — My job is simply to build brand awareness, exposure and deliver a consistent stream of new qualified customers.

Businesses need a trusted, responsible, senior-level professional with a thorough understanding of all methods of how to reach customers in 2020—A creative professional who has figured out how to create, manage and deliver quality original advertising content affordably for smaller businesses.

I achieve results by making it my business to understand how a company operates. I research the competitive landscape and study who customers are and how to best reach them.Using a strategic approach that optimises every relevant advertising channel, we can reach the right prospects in a way that motivates them to act.

By limiting the number of companies that I work with and choosing only clients that I have synergy with, I can treat each company as if were my own.

If I’m thinking about your business while in the shower, I’m doing my job.

Award-winning agency-level services include:

– Logo and brand development for new companies
– Website design including content development
– Webmaster and ongoing growth/management
– Social media setup and ongoing content publishing
– Production of topical articles for both web and print publications
– Creative integrated advertising campaigns
– PR campaigns
– Email Marketing
– Google search advertising
– Facebook/Instagram advertising
– Video content for TV and web delivery
– Marketing strategy and planning for small business